"Bibis Sternenstaubjagd Free" now as a free-2-play game on the App Store and the Play Store!

Every 77 years a comet flies near the Earth and leaves magical stardust. It is used by the witches to produce new crystal balls, which ripen in the depths of Mount Blocksberg and are activated by a magic spell. The player starts the hunt for stardust with one of the three witches: Bibi Blocksberg, Schubia Wanzhaar or Flauipaui. With a raging thunderstorm chasing them and numerous bats in the path of their flight, the hunt is becoming increasingly difficult for the young witches. But no worries! Many power-ups and intuitive one-touch controls in nine entertaining levels make it a child-friendly adventure.

Now available for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch as well as Android smartphones and tablets!



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Draw your sword and fight for the throne in World of Kingdoms 2!

World of Kingdoms 2 combines the best features of strategy, role-playing and city builder games. In the game, you can build your own beautiful medieval city and equip it with defences in order to protect yourself from enemy armies. Take part in epic missions, train your army and attack other players to expand and strengthen your realm! And remember, in World of Kingdoms 2 you will never be left alone – thanks to a universal alliance system, you can team up with other players from all around the world and fight together for victory!

Ultimate power is at your fingertips, use your chance wisely! Now for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch!



Mehr Infos:

World of Kingdoms 2 | gamescom

gamescom let the cat out of the bag... World of Kingdoms 2 will be available as of August 20th! Stay tuned!



Mehr Infos:

Welcome to the world of zombies...

You wake up with one hell of a headache. Your car got stuck at the edge of a cliff. Stay cool! Some might call it a bad day but suddenly you realize that it’s even worse…Welcome to the World of Zombies..!


2030, a deadly virus has spread across the world. A few people are immune, the rest is turned into flesh-eating mutants. Like zombies, they need healthy, human flesh in order to survive. The human resource is running out, so the mutants have united in groups and carry out gang fights.


You take on the role of a man who mutates during the game into a flesh-eating monster. As a mutant, whose brain has remained spared from the virus you organize an army of mutant zombies. Alliances can be made ​​with other zombie gangs in order to increase the chances of victory against enemy mutants.



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Enroll at the famous school for vampires and join Oscar and his classmates!

All kids have to go to school, even if they are vampires. In the TV series “School for Vampires”, you get to know Oscar, who is doing his best to become a real vampire, even though he fell in love with a human girl and the sheer sight of blood makes him faint.

In this game, you get the chance to become a pupil at the school for vampires and attend classes together with Oscar and his friends!




More information:

Fast Fin - the fast-paced joyride through the depths of the Atlantic

Barely hatched protagonist Fin has already gotten into a lot of trouble: A tsunami has destroyed his home, a once idyllic coral reef. The surviving eggs - his unhatched siblings - were scattered all over the ocean. After all this misfortune, toxic chemicals are now leaking from an old wrecked submarine. It continues to pollute the ocean, and now every second counts!



The fast-paced joyride through the depths of the Atlantic is now available! The game can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and was optimized for Retina- and HD-Displays!

Get "Fast Fin" now:

Get "Ghost Catchers" for free! Now on the App Store and Google Play!

Welcome to the world of ghostsUncanny beings hidden to the human eye roam our world. In our daily lives they affect our chances to become fortunate or on the contrary to provoke misfortune. Tearing a shoelaceslipping on a banana peel, but also winning the lottery - these are events which can be traced back to the influence of ghosts. They are responsible for all the situations that people have found words for like "luck" and "karma".



The Ghost Catchers search for and capture the most powerful spirits to let them compete against each other in fightsThereafter the ghosts lose their dangerous powers and are no longer a danger for the people of the world. Ghost Catchers have made a virtue of necessity - from time to time they compete in tournaments where the top of their craft are identified and honored.



Get "Ghost Catchers" for free:

"Bibi's Stardust Chase" now available for the iPhone & iPad as well as Android smartphones & tablets!

British children's author Elfie Donnelly has already entertained generations of children with her stories. Since the 1980s, children have enjoyed Bibi's adventures on audio cassettes. Now they are also available as a game in the App Stores!


The game has been optimized for high-resolution Retina- and HD display and can be downloaded for $3.99. In addition to a starting credit of 500 diamonds the player gets access to all the characters from the beginning of the game.


Talking Alien now on the App Store!

With Talking Alien you take a glimpse at a billion light-years distant galaxy! Join him on his funny planet...

The App was developed for the iPhone and the iPad and is now available on the App Store!


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"The world is in turmoil!" World of Kingdoms now available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets

Imagine a World where you are the King! In “World of Kingdoms” you are the ruler of your Kingdom! Build your infrastructure and a mighty army so that your empire may prosper.

The game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and was optimized for the retina display! Moreover World of Kingdoms is now available on Google Play for free and can be played on Android smartphones and tablets!

Visit for more information

Do you have what it takes to become the ruler of your Kingdom?



"Valentine's iCard" - Love is in the air!

After all the roses and candle light dinner there should be some time for a lovely message! The "Valentine's iCard" is the perfect Valentine's Day app. Our messenger of love is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

"Don't blow your own trumpet!" So it's up to "" to give us top-ratings!


Panic Parrot is going nuts! Now on your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone and Tablet!

"Panic Parrot" - Best Entertainment for all ages!

Talking Parrot is ready to have fun. Funny animations, carribean sounds and an experience-based level system guarantee lots of fun. The App is now available for free!




"Mayas & Aliens": December 21st 2012 comes closer! Seize the time that remains...

Lead your team to victory and earn the ticket to a distant and safe planet! Get more support from other Mayan warriors, alien fighters and use their technology! Have fun in a fascinating world of the Mayans and Aliens.

The game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and was optimized for the retina display! Moreover Mayas & Aliens is now available on Google Play for free and can be played on Android smartphones and tablets!

Visit for more information

Seize the day - there are only a few days left...



"Talking Santa" available for Android smartphones just in time for the first advent weekend

Christmas is just around the corner and so is "Talking Santa"! Talking Santa was downloaded more than 500 000 times on the iPhone and is now available for Android smartphones and tablets on Google Play


Talking Santa
Talking Santa Free

Poor Maya - Weird things are happening near the Maya-temples...

December 2012 is approaching. Weird things are happening near the Maya-temples. Little Maya "Yucci" is extremely confused. Is this the end of the world as we know it?

You will be torn between fun apocalyptic attacks and the welfare of small Yucci. Yucci is very brave, but will he survive your horror...?


The App is available for free on the iPhone App Store and on Google Play!

Tiny Bee takes off on Windows Phone now!

While the summer is nearing its end we try to give you another feeling of warmth by publishing Tiny Bee for Windows Phone. Gameplay stays the same and Scoreloop ensures fierce competition! Windows Phone users - go and get it!


Tiny Bee is available on the Windows Phone Marketplace as a paid full verion and as a free trial version.

Diamond Treasure Hunt - The app for the Queen's diamond jubilee. Now available for iPhone and Android!

On the 5th of June 2012, Her Majesty The Queen will be celebrating her 60th year on the throne. To mark this very special occasion, Buckingham Palace is organizing a number of high-profile events. Nurogames is proud to add an educational, interactive and thrilling app to the festivities: "Diamond Treasure Hunt"

Players have to collect virtual diamonds distributed over the UK and the other Commonwealth nations. The first prize is a £3,500 sapphire ring – provided by Europe’s biggest online jewellery shop "21DIAMONDS"


The App is available for free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play!

"Shadow Jump Arcade" - Now on Google Play!

After Tiny Bee Nurogames presents another "Arcade" version for an application. "Shadow Jump" is now available as an "Arcade"-version on Google Play. 

Shadow Jump Arcade takes vertical jump action to a new level. The player guides the Shadow Jumper safely through the lines of evil guards. He can use the numerous platforms to his advantage, but has to be careful: Not all of them are safe. Collecting Powerups enables the Shadow Jumper to release his mighty boost whenever he wants to. The aim of the app is to let the Shadow Jumper rise as high as possible and collect all items on his way, without falling to the ground.


Now available on Google Play! Upon download the player receives a set of twelve tokens with which to play the game!

"Tiny Bee Arcade" - Amusement arcade on your Android device!

Tiny Bee goes Arcade! The Arcade version is live on GetJar and is available for free! Nurogames and the San Francisco based company Pocket Change join forces to introduce the arcade gaming concept to Tiny Bee. Jens Piesk, CEO of Nurogames: “Tiny Bee is taking off on Google Play, we are aiming at hitting the one million downloads mark in the near future”.


“Tiny Bee Arcade” enables the player to download the full version completely for free! Upon download the player receives a set of twelve tokens with which to play the game!

In addition to all those changes there is one important thing to mention: Fun remains!

Fun beneath the Christmas tree: Talking Santa 2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Talking Santa 2 is now available on the Apple App Store. The 2011-edition is about to sweeten up your Xmas! The most festive time of the year begins and Santa Clause is ready to spread peace and joy. “Talking Santa 2” brings the spirit of Christmas to the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Lots of funny animations and moody effects delight the Christmas period.

The waiting comes to an end: “Tiny Bee Lite” launched by Nurogames as of December 21st for iOS-devices


After the great success of the Pro-version an the Android-app, "Tiny Bee Lite" will now be available for your iPhone, iPod touch or the iPad. The Lite-version of Tiny Bee, which was recommended by "Telekom TopApps" is about to warm up your Christmas holidays!


Right on time for St. Nicholas day: "Tiny Santa - Xmas Hills" on Google Play and "Santa Hills" the Apple App Store!


“Sleigh bells ring are you listening...” WAIT A MOMENT!

Tiny Santa is in big trouble: His reindeers have escaped, all the gifts are scattered around the world and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The mission is clear: Retrieve the gifts! But how can you raise a sleigh up in the air without your flying reindeer? Slide over the countless, snowy hills and simply let it take off. The more skillfully you use the undulating landscape to your advantage, the higher and faster your sleigh will fly. Caution: You gotta hurry before dawn breaks! The race for Christmas has just begun…



“Tiny Santa – Xmas Hills” will be available on Google Play and the Apple App Store as of December 6th!


Nurogames elected as the winner of the Games Lounge at Browsergames Forum 2011

Nurogames convinced the jury at this year's Browsergames Forum, which was held in Offenbach, Germany.

Mark Miller, CEO of CatCap, announced: “The Games Lounge was a big success with many exciting companies and minds. Our jury, composing of Accel Partners, Target Partners, Neuhaus Partners and CatCap Corporate Finance, had a hard decision to make this time. Finally we are convinced, that we found a company in the cologne enterprise Nurogames, whose technologie and business model are promising a long-ranging success.
On Nurogames the jury was attracted, besides of the experienced management team, by the interesting market segment of mobile games. Also the company uses a mature technology, which provides it with a competitive advantage. A strong intellectual property and a portfolio of twelve already developed games made a positive general view.

The Press announcement can be downloaded here.

COMPUTERBILD features Tiny Bee!

Even if it's getting colder outside, our Bee is about to climb the next mountain.

Tiny Bee will be featured in the upcoming edition of COMPUTERBILD. Germanys highest-circulation Computer-Magazine provides a detailed report on it. Issue 24/2011 will be available as of November 5th 2011! Visit the COMPUTER BILD App-Center for more information or purchase the current issue.


Right on time for Halloween: Talking Zombie Pro on the App Store!

You can already hear the hungry zombies scrape underneath their tombstones. And right in time for the scariest night of the year they rise from their graves and creep around. Don’t worry! They are friendly as long as they are fed constantly...

The Talking Zombie is now available on the Apple App Store!


Tiny Bee available on the App Store as of September 15th


After more than a quarter of a million downloads for Android devices, Tiny Bee has finally made it into the Apple App Store. Starting Thursday, September 15th Tiny Bee will now be available for iPhone and iPod touch!



Recommended by Telekom TopApps (September 2011)

Please see the press release to get more information and to marvel at some screenshots.

Do not blow your own trumpet..!


Needless to say that self-praise stinks! For this reason we don’t want to be the ones to rate “Tiny Bee”. There are countless experienced Android-editors which are far better.

The demo just went supersonic and has been downloaded a 100000 times, trend is rising! Concerning the full-version, the number of downloads is about to become a five-digit number by the end of the week.


As we read, that the workers bee usual lifespan is about eight weeks, alarm bells began to ring! Since launching “Tiny Bee”, exactly those eight weeks passed. It is therefore time to put to the acid test and check, how she is going. Due to this reason we would like to present some of the reviews written by several Android-platforms.


Androidpimps (translated):

„Of course you know Tiny Wings or Dillo Hills. With Tiny Bee comes a similar game with just as much addictive“



„First class entertainment, “Tiny Bee” provides an awesome game experience with its excellent graphics, simple concept and easy on-screen controls.“


“I downloaded the demo of this to entertain my 3 year old and I liked it more than him. So I purchased the full version...”



„The graphics of Tiny Bees are really cute. Really, really cute. The comic backgrounds are nicely drawn, the animations of your bee are really nice, the style is coherent throughout the game and all the levels have a different graphic style.“


„Overall the graphics of Tiny Bee are very nice. Good job, Nurogames!“


„Tiny Bees has a great summer atmosphere. The music brightens your mood (the first few minutes), the graphical style is really nice and the fine humor of the game creates a summer atmosphere you will definitly enjoy. This game is best played on a nice summers day, while waiting for your barbecue getting ready, or as a nice reminder of better days while it is raining outside.“


„Tiny Bee is a game that perfectly fits into this season. It is warm, funny and brightens your mood. Girls will love the game for its cute graphics, while boys will have fun competing for the highest score via open feint. If you are looking for a casual game that you can play for 4 or 5 minutes without spending too much time on loading screens or other obstacles, Tiny Bees is just what you have been searching for. Oh and by the way, if you are a fan of Tiny Wings and you are eagerly waiting for Tiny Wings on Android, Tiny Bee is the game you have been waiting for.“


AndroitPit (translated):

"Bottom line: Tiny Bee is a simple and entertaining game for inbetween times, similar to Angry Birds. Due to the tasks the game is enthralling longer than initially intended 

"Tiny Bee is available for price of 79 Cent on the App Center as well as on the Android Market. A demo-version (which is free of charge) is ready to download here."


24android (translated):

„Tiny Bee is an entertaining game with a likeable main character, pretty graphics and suitable background music. […] Thanks to the endless-mode, Tiny Bee guarantees weeks of gaming fun, even if there’s a lack of variety. To put it in a nutshell, the developer offers an all around success! Using the demo, you can try the game for free“




We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all the thousands of gamers out there!


5th place on the category „Top Apps paid“ and almost 125000 Downloads alone on the Android Market say a lot about the quality. Even if the positive feedback is the one which guarantees long-term success we appreciate all you comments and ratings. If we continue like that, it would only take another eight weeks to reach the quarter-million in downloads and could proof that Bees definitely can have a longer life!


The fastest way to Tiny Bee:



We hope that our yellow-stripped friend will bring pleasure to you and us for another eight weeks!

Update and great chart-positions for the iPad version of “Bibi Blocksberg – The broom race”

“Bibi Blocksberg – The broom race for iPad” reaches the top of the iTunes charts!

#1 in “iPad Family games” (June 13th 2011

#1 in “iPad children’s games” (June 13th 2011)

#2 in “iPad games” (June 14th 2011)

#3 in “all ipad apps” (June 26th 2011)

Tiny Bee pre-installed on Android cell phones

Nurogames closes a partnership deal with a pan-European operator. Starting autumn 2011, the game “Tiny Bee” is about to be pre-installed on special Android phones.

Tiny Bee (Android)


Genre: Entertainment
Publisher: Nurogames GmbH
Release: 05 / 2011

Financial support for “School for vampires”

tl_files/Produktbilder/school of vampires_iPhone_iPad.JPG

We are very happy to announce, that Nuromedia in Cologne became the new headquarter of lbxgames and lieblinx. With this strategic alliance Nuromedia and Nurogames will strengthen its position in the mobile social game sector.

Managing director Jens Piesk "Mobile social games will be the future entertainment and with lbxgames joining Nurogames we strive to be one the leading companies outperforming classical Facebook games".

Nurogames merges with lbxgames and lieblinx GmbH

We are very happy to announce, that Nuromedia in Cologne became the new headquarter of lbxgames and lieblinx. With this strategic alliance Nuromedia and Nurogames will strengthen its position in the mobile social game sector.

Managing director Jens Piesk "Mobile social games will be the future entertainment and with lbxgames joining Nurogames we strive to be one the leading companies outperforming classical Facebook games".

Diddl in the Cheesecakeland (Nintendo DS)


Genre: Logic & Reaction Game
Publisher: Tivola Publishing GmbH
Release: 04 / 2011

Didacta 2011 (the exhibition for education)


Didacta 2011, Europe's largest and most important trade fair on education, gives an overview on the trends, topics and latest offers in all sectors of education. The event presents an opportunity to learn more about themes in educational initiative, educational infrastructure and the latest learning methods

Talking Santa (iPhone)





Genre: Entertainment
Publisher: Nurogames GmbH
Release: 12 / 2010

Bumble Bee (Android)


Genre: Entertainment
Publisher: Nurogames GmbH
Release: 10 / 2010

GIGA-Maus 2010


The newspaper "ELTERN FAMILY" awarded Nurogames in 2 categories with the GIGA-Maus 2010 award.
Date: 06.10.2010

The Expendables (iPhone)


Genre: Action- & Strategy Game
Publisher: Nurogames GmbH
Release: 09 / 2010

The magic labyrinth (iPhone/iPad)

Genre: Logic Game
Publisher: Kiddinx Enternainment GmbH
Release: 08 / 2010

gamescom 2010


The biggest exhibition an event highlight for interactive games and entertainment
Date: 18. - 22.08.2010

Geomaster (Nintendo DS)


Genre: Logic & Knowledge Game
Publisher: Tivola Publishing GmbH
Release: 07 / 2010

Das magic labyrinth (Nintendo DS)


Genre: Logic Game
Publisher: Kiddinx Enternainment GmbH
Release: 03 / 2010

Inglourious Basterds - Squish (iPhone)


Genre: Action Game
Publisher: Nurogames GmbH
                 Gamecentric Media
Release: 12 / 2009

My very Own Baby-Animal (Nintendo DS)

tl_files/Produktbilder/Tierbabyzoo 3D DS kl.jpg
Genre: Pet Care Simulation
Tivola Publishing GmbH
09 / 2009

Play the World (Nintendo Wii)

Genre: Party & Fun Minigames
Publisher: Tivola Publishing GmbH
Release: 09 / 2009

Your Horse Riding School (Nintendo DS)

Genre: Pet Care & Equestrian Simulation
Publisher: Tivola Publishing GmbH
Release: 12 / 2007

My Paradise for Dogs (Nintendo DS)

Genre: Pet Care & Economic Simulation
Publisher: Tivola Publishing GmbH
Release: 11 / 2008